Everyday 2014

February 20:
Shepherd has been wanting to play outside every day, so even though its freezing, I usually bundle him up for a short play time when Daddy gets home.  This is his face when we make him come back in.

February 21:
Shep likes to get in Major's crib with him.  Melts my heart.

February 22:
Saturday night I sat in this chair for about 3 hours like this.  I have to soak it up while I can!

February 23:
Major is 1 month old!  I am back at my monthly chair pictures and I had to have him pose in the same onesie Shep wore for his one month pictures.

February 24:
Expect lots of pictures like this.  Shep is such a lover.

February 25:
Stopping for a hug, then back to playing.

February 26:
When I nurse Major, I usually let Shepherd watch youtube videos so that he will stay close to us and not go turn the house upside down.  (You know, the usual...Mickey Mouse...Macklemore ;) This day he just reached his sweet little arm behind him to hold on to his brother while he watched his show.

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