pet peeves.

A few of my pet peeves:

1. People who stand in the doorway to smoke.  This is so rude.  You're outside anyway, why don't you walk away from the entrance so that everyone doesn't have to inhale your secondhand smoke.  Ugh then it is blowing back into the store.  This makes me so angry.

2. Speaking of store entrances.  People who go in the "out" and out the "in."  There are certain rules of society we should all just stick to!

3. People who ask questions, usually on facebook, that they could easily just google.  "What's the temp outside?" "What time does the library close?" Look it up!

4. Speaking of Facebook, it is so annoying to me when people share articles/pictures of something that no one wants to see. For example, animals that have been beaten, children that are malnourished, etc. It's not that those things are not sad to me and I get people may be trying to bring awareness to something. It's that I'm just innocently scrolling through my newsfeed and have to see some disturbing image when I'm not expecting it. It's so annoying!

Just thought I'd get those off my chest ;)


  1. These are all on my list of pet peeves. I complain to Nate all of the time about number 4. I also don't like it when people post photos of spiders or zombies, but I guess the whole world doesn't want to cater to my irrational fears. Rude. ;)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I usually unfollow those people that do it too often ;)