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I have two sleeping babies! WOOHOO!  While I should be doing something productive, like catching up on last nights sleep...or watching this weeks Bachelor episode...I thought I'd blog my random thoughts ;)

Life with two is definitely harder.  When we brought Shepherd home I literally sat in his rocker and didn't really move for 6 weeks.  I just held him and nursed him and played on my phone while he slept. The house stayed clean, so I could relax.  (I can't relax with dirty dishes.)  I hate that I can't do that with Major!  Also, I try to keep reminding myself that this is just a very short season of my life, and I will miss it one day.  But I hate feeling like I don't have one minute to myself.  I'm pretty sure thats just being a parent, at least a parent of young kids.  But as soon as Shep goes to sleep, I feel like I should go to bed, since I'll be up at best every 3 hours or so.  Also, I realized last night, that every night when I decide to go to bed, it takes me roughly an hour and a half to actually get there.  I have to tidy up the kitchen and living room so I can relax, wash my face and all that stuff, make the bed, get all my stuff in order and by that time its been almost 2 hours.

I'm planning on going ombre at my next hair appointment.  I can't keep up this blonde blonde with two babies and a husband who works late.  I want something that doesn't require as much maintenance.  I'm bringing this picture from when my hair was darker and I was skinny. Wah wah wah.

In Major milestone news, I took him to the doctor Monday and he had gained almost a whole pound in 5 days!  No wonder...I feel like I nurse him non stop!

In Shepherd news, he peed in the potty all on his own.  My mother in law was here and noticed he was pulling on his pants so she asked him if he needed to go potty.  He went right upstairs to the bathroom and I took off his diaper and he peed...at least he tried to make the potty.  He aimed at the potty but peed on the rug ;)
 Don't you loooove when parents share info like that?  At least this is my personal blog and not your facebook news feed ;)

Isn't that the cutest little outfit ^^^.  My friend Catherine got that for Shepherd and this week was the first time I've let him wear it...even though he is now close to outgrowing it.  I have a bad habit of not wearing/using things that I really like because I think they are too special.  I won't wear my favorite clothes because I think I should save them...same with my kids.   Sometimes I won't even let myself use my favorite fork.  First of all, who does that, second, who has a favorite fork?  What is wrong with me.  I'm trying to be better about this.  I've even let Major wear his Valentine's Day outfit early, something I would usually never do.  


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