some newborn pics of Major.

Why my computer is making some of the black and white pictures look Sepia I do not know.  Its really annoying.
I'm all for beautiful pictures taken by professionals, but the stress that would come over me trying to coordinate times and outfits and attitudes and nap times with a photographer is not worth it to me.  So I just took some pictures myself of Major this week when he was awake and alert.  
At the bottom are my outtakes, obviously some things (i.e. cute naked baby on a blanket pictures) should be left to the professionals.  I tried! ;)

 His eyes really are this dark.  I know they say babies eyes will change colors, but we can't figure it out.  Joey calls them "blazel" because they look like a really dark blue but sometimes hazel.

 ^^^ I think this one is my favorite ^^^


I feel like this should be side by side with a professional's picture like those funny Pinterest Fail pictures:

If any photographers want to use this image to convince prospective clients why they should hire you, go ahead ;)

Mom! No more pictures!

He face planted right after this.

What you can't see is my trying to hold him on the pillow and take a picture at the same time.



  1. SO HANDSOME. And his name is Major?? I die. Also (compliment spree, sorry cant help it) those pillow cases are gorgeous!

    1. haha thank you, thank you, thank you! ;)