VBAC recovery vs. C-section

I cannot really emphasize how much better the recovery was from a vaginal birth.  The difference between the C-section delivery and vaginal delivery was night and day.  
After holding Major for about an hour after the delivery, I couldn't believe it when they said I could get up and go to the bathroom.  With the C-section I was stuck in bed for a whole day.  Since I didn't have an epidural, I didn't have to deal with an IV or catheter, which that in itself was amazing!
When I took a shower I was able to do it on my own and it was relaxing!  With the C-section I literally had to have my mom practically in the shower with me because I just was in so much pain...not relaxing.

Also, if anyone is interested in TMI, I am not lying when I say that my vagina did not hurt.  Like, at all.    I even had a 2nd degree tear and it did not hurt.  I think I only used 2 or 3 of those ice packs they give you at the hospital, and only while we were there.  I have no idea why it didn't hurt, but I'm not complaining.  I think I read somewhere, or maybe someone suggested this, but it could have been because I didn't have an epidural so I knew when to push.  I've heard when you have an epidural, the doctor is usually telling you when to push.  So maybe that was the difference, I don't know.

Now, the worst thing that happened to me, was I broke my tailbone pushing Major out.  And I'll be honest it has hurt so bad at times that I questioned if any of it was worth it.  Its just really disappointing that a month later I'm still having such bad pain in my tailbone, when if it wasn't for that I would have pretty much no issues.  I think it was worth it, but that just tells you how much it hurts.  There is no treatment for it, other than pain medication.  But after 2 weeks of Lortab, I just completely quit taking it even though it still hurts because I was worried about it passing through to Major.
Apparently its not uncommon to break your tailbone in childbirth.  That was news to me.  After googling it, I immediately got light headed and almost passed out from the results.  My midwife told me it takes about 6 months to heal, but everyone I've talked to who has broken their tailbone has said that it really never fully heals.  Awesome.  I've also heard its a possibility to re-break it with future children.  Someone please tell me this isn't true.

Regardless of all of that, I would do it the same way again in a heartbeat.  I won't have an epidural with our future children.  (That was one of my motivators when deciding if I wanted an epidural this time...it seemed no one who had done it without pain meds regretted it.)
However, I do hope that future labors go much quicker than Major's.  The hardest part of it all was that I was doing it on absolutely no sleep.  I think if I had been well rested the pushing would have gone much quicker.

One thing I've taken from this.  Trust your body.  I know exactly when I broke my tailbone.  I heard it pop.  OMG yuck!  Joey heard it too.  It was the very first push, and I wasn't ready.  I wasn't ready in my head to push, I don't remember really feeling a big urge, and I believe thats why my tailbone broke.  Maybe it would have broken no matter what, his position, yadda yadda.  I'm not a doctor, people, I just talk.  In hindsight, the one thing I would change is in the delivery room, I would have quietly gone into my own head and kind of centered myself, and followed my instincts.  Women's bodies are made for making and delivering babies.  I'm sure if I had taken any natural birth classes something like that probably would have been taught.  But anyway, theres that.

Here is Shep coming to meet his little brother for the first time!  

I love this picture of all of my men together for the first time:

Ready to take our baby home!


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