what I'm using the 2nd time around: newborn edition

Here are some of the things we are using again, and new things we've picked up and liked.

For some reason with Shepherd I never really swaddled him.  I never got the hang of using a blanket...I wasn't good at getting it tight and he always got out of it.  We used the SwaddleMe blanket but when he was really young (I'm thinking he was a few weeks old) I put him down to sleep in the SwaddleMe and he rolled over to his belly.  I freaked out and after that never swaddled him again. That could be why I think Major is a better sleeper than Shepherd was...he stays swaddled.  
Anyway, for nighttime sleep we use the Miracle Blanket.  At first it was a little annoying to get him in, but after a few times I got the hang of it and it doesn't take too long.  Its also nice because to change his diaper, I don't have to completely get him unwrapped.  His arms stay put and there is a little pouch for his legs I just get him out of.  I love it!
We also use the SwaddleMe blankets that we had with Shepherd, but these are easier to escape from so I usually only use them if the Miracle Blanket is dirty.

I did a lot of research about what would be best for Major to sleep in and decided on this.  I hesitated a bit because it was more expensive than other bassinet type options, but I am so happy with it.  It is the height of most beds...our bed is on risers so its a little shorter, but not a big deal at all.  Its on wheels so I can easily move it.  One side lowers so he is right next to me.  When he is older we can raise the side and it will be like a pack and play.  In the middle of the night I can easily reach over to give him his paci, or just soothe him.  I'm sure every parent has had the experience of the child that wakes up as soon as you take your hand off of them.  Since he's right next to me I can just reach over and hold on to him and go back to sleep!  I'm happy knowing he is safely in his own space without the risks of actually sleeping in my bed, but still get the benefits of sleeping right next to my baby. 

Solly Baby Wrap

Its lightweight and pretty!  So far we've only used it on walks and a few times around the house when I needed to get stuff done but Major wanted to be held.  I anticipate using it more when the weather warms up and we get out of the house more often.  I had the Moby wrap with Shepherd and did not like it at all.  The fabric was heavier so we both got hot, and it was super bulky on my body.  

I have yet to make a final conclusion on whether this works, but I was willing to try anything to get back to pre-pregnancy weight/body as soon as possible.  I can tell I'm at least losing inches because the belly bandit is getting looser...whether or not its because of the belly bandit or just my body coming back I don't know.  I ordered a Medium because thats what size was suggested going by my 8 month pregnant size, but I kind of wish I'd ordered a Small since its already getting loose.

If you don't need to save a big stash of frozen breastmilk, and you don't have to go back to work, I'd recommend a hand held pump over an electric pump.  They are cheaper and I think less time consuming.  Yes an electric pump might pump faster, but when you take into account the setting up and plugging in and cleaning parts I don't think its worth it.  An electric pump may also be able to express more, because you can pump both breasts at the same time, but I'm not worried about that.  
I actually got this pump for "free" (I'm sure I was charged on the hospital bill) when I had Shepherd from the Lactation Consultant at the hospital.
I also have the Medela Pump in Style Advanced that I used when I was working, and it was great if anyone is trying to decide which electric one to get.  Before I had Shepherd I obsessed over which breast pump to buy.  They are so expensive and I was worried I'd spend a bunch of money and it wouldn't work.  The PISA was great and seems to be a very popular choice.


Joey's stepdad handmade a beautiful cradle that Joey's brother, and our nephew both slept in and probably others, I'm not sure!  We used it for Shepherd and again for Major.  This time I have it in the living room for Major to nap in during the day while we're playing in the living room. 

My boys love the Snug a Bunny!  It was the only thing Shepherd would sleep in for the first 5ish months of his life...although that might have had something to do with me not swaddling him, ever ;)  I like that it vibrates and Major will sit in it and take naps in it.

Shep and Major both prefer these over other pacifiers.

This is definitely my favorite nursing top, especially to just wear around the house.  It has enough support, its loose around the stomach, the straps are adjustable...I bought 3!  Honestly this entire post was motivated because I didn't want to forget about these shirts the next time, so I wanted it saved where to buy them.  I bought them at Walmart, but I just randomly came across them and they weren't very well stocked.  I'm not sure every Walmart carries them.

I also want to say that as a first time mom, Shepherd only wore Pampers.  Thats what they used at the hospital and I didn't even want to try anything else!  Well my cousin had to do an experiment for school to see which diapers held the most pee, so she had a bunch of leftover newborn diapers and gave them to me.  (In case you were wondering, Luvs was the winner!)  So with Major, I decided to try other brands just to see.  My conclusion...Pampers are still the best!  Huggies are my least favorite.  My cousin was right...Luvs do actually hold the most pee...but who wants to go that long without changing your newborn's diaper?  Now for Shepherd, we usually use Target brand.  I still prefer Pampers at his size, but Target brand works just as well and are SO MUCH CHEAPER.  

Am I missing any essentials??



  1. I love how things keep improving over time! Wish we had bought the co-sleeper. You're making me want to have more-not happening though. ;) Time to enjoy everyone else's!

    Do the Pampers still have the stripe that changes color when they pee? Never had diaper rash with them either. Poor Lucy was stuck with Huggies because she was too skinny for Pampers.

    1. Oh come on...one more would be fun! Yes they still have the stripe. Love that!