Kentucky has gone CATS crazy!! We are heading to the Final Four.  I'm so proud to be a University of Kentucky alum!  I went out shopping today and you can literally just feel the excitement in the air.  Everyone is wearing UK shirts...the closer it got to 5:00, the emptier the stores got and there was less and less traffic. Our church even moved the evening service up three hours so no one had to miss the game.  No one under the age of 25 was allowed to purchase a couch at thrift stores because of couch burning celebrations.  OK, now we just sound like crazy people, but if you're from Kentucky reading this, you understand!

Some light reading before the game:

We had some friends over to watch the game and after it was over Joey and I rewound about 6 times to watch the final 3 point shot that won the game.

Major says: "Go Cats!"



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Tonight UK (our alma mater) plays Louisville in the Sweet 16 game.

Just a few of the images scrolling through my Facebook feed right now...

^^^ Thats my sister in law on the right, sitting next to Josh Hutcherson (from the Hunger Games) at a UK game. ^^^

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Everyday 2014

March 19:
March 20:
Still think they are so cute even during meltdowns.
March 21:
My parents were in this weekend and this was the first time my dad had gotten to see Major since he was born.

March 22:
How many tries it takes to get a good pic...
Dancing and celebrating Amy's bday.
March 23:
Alone date with my Shep to Trader Joes.

March 24:
Major smiling for the camera.
March 25:
UGH Snow in Spring.
March 26:
Sorting shapes and working on colors.
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awkward family photo

Saturday night we took some pictures after church.  Had to document the matching outfits you know.
Here is our first awkward family photo.  Should this make our Christmas card this year!? ;)

Much better:::

My family was in town this weekend.  Except for my mom, who stayed with us the second week after Major was born, this was the first time my family had really gotten to spend time with Major.  They had tried to come up here, but twice the weather messed up our plans.

Shepherd running from Joey.  This is why I will definitely 100% be the parent who puts her kids on a leash.

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2 Months with Major

Major is just the most easy going little guy.  Shepherd will literally lay on top of him (before I run back in the room yelling for him to get off!), he will steal his paci right out of his mouth, he will poke him in the eye (saying "eyes eyes") and Major just lays there happy as a clam.  We think he likes getting attention from his big brother.  
Major sleeps...a lot.  I guess its still normal for babies to sleep a lot at this age?  I can't remember how Shep was.  He takes 2-3 hour (sometimes longer) naps, wakes up for a little bit to get his diaper changed and nurse, then usually goes back to sleep pretty quickly.  
At night, he has been getting fussy right around 8, which is the most hectic time at our house.  We are trying to get Shep to eat dinner and his bath and to bed, and I'm usually trying to cook mine and Joey's dinner while Joey does bath time.  (I know we eat dinner late!)  Our routine right now is Major usually calms down and takes a long nap at night, while Joey and I relax and watch TV.  When we are ready to go to bed (usually around 11:30) I wake Major up to change his diaper and nurse again before putting him back down.  Sometimes he will barely wake up enough to nurse on one side before falling back asleep.  He is still being swaddled every night and sleeping in our room.  So right now he is sleeping about 11:30-7:30/8ish.  When he wakes up in the morning I change his diaper and nurse him and he immediately goes back down to sleep for another 1-2 hours.  Which is awesome!! But I'm not going to get too excited because Shepherd was an awesome sleeper at this age too, until about 4/5 months when he decided to stop sleeping ever and I became a ZOMBIE.  
Major is my little chunk!  Its not that he's really that big (he is 25% for height/weight/head circumference), its just that I'm used to Shepherd, who is my tiny baby.
He had his 2 month shots today.  Everyone always complains about their baby getting shots, but I like it.  I want him to be vaccinated against everything, even though it is sad to see him cry.  It makes me feel better knowing that now he is vaccinated.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past month:

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Anyone else on the RHOBH crazy train?  I love this show.  I've been binge watching it trying to catch up.  Having a new baby sure does put me behind on my shows ;)
How good does Lisa look?  I had to take a picture of her beach outfit so I could remember it when we go on vacation this summer.

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parents night out.

I haven't been blogging lately because I feel like I really don't have anything to talk about.  Every day just consists of diapers and nap time and please will you just eat something other than blueberries for lunch.  But I actually got dressed and left the house this weekend so I figured I better document it ;)

We went out with our friends to celebrate Amy's birthday.  My very favorite thing about our friends is that all of them just really love to dance.  So thats what we did.

 Why am I so short :( Wah wah.

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Everyday 2014

March 13:
Shep on the left at 18 weeks, Major on the right at 7 weeks, wearing the same onesie.
March 14:
My husband's 2014 Plant Buying Frenzy/Lowes stalking has begun.

March 15:
Late dinner with my friend Lindsay, after our babies were asleep!

March 16:
Quiet down time before bed.  Love love love.

March 17:
Taming wild elephants.  Love having little boys.

March 18:
My mom and sister were in town just for the night.  Shepherd reading with Gigi.

March 19:
Maybe the sweetest thing ever, and I get to see it every day.  Shepherd is always hugging and kissing Major when he lays in the Snug A Bunny.  He loves Major so much!  And we think Major seems to really like it when Shepherd is close to him.  Sweet precious babies!!
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