Everyday 2014

February 27:
This is the reaction I got when I said I wanted to take his picture.  All boy ;)

February 28:
I make fun of Joey and Shepherd because they both look like their eye/s are open when they sleep.  Looks like Major got that trait, too!

March 1:
After church.  The nursery is sloooowly becoming a less awful place.

Joey was going to Seattle for work this week, so my grandma came to stay with us!

Grandma babysat so Joey and I could go to dinner.

March 2:
My littlest love...in his miracle blanket.

March 3:
Yet another winter storm.  Joey's Sunday flight was delayed, so he had to fly out Monday instead.  This was the drive to the airport early Monday morning.  A little nerve racking!

March 4:
Pictures I sent to Joey.  Shepherd likes to take this little bucket and go on treasure hunts outside with Joey.  
March 5:
I love him so much!


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