Everyday 2014

March 6:
After being in Seattle for a few days for work, we were so excited to have Joey back home.  This is Shep with him at the airport, and Joey loving on Major once we got back to the house.

March 7:
We had all of Joey's sisters over so we could take a family picture to give Joey's mom for her birthday.

March 8:
My little man.

March 9:
We had all of Joey's family over to celebrate Rhonda's 50th birthday.  Shepherd literally climbed across the table to get to the cake.

March 10:
The weather teased us with Spring and I managed to leave the house with both kids, all on my own!  Just a walk around the neighborhood, but still...impressive ;)

March 11:
The perfect weather day.  The four of us went to the park and Shepherd was on CLOUD NINE getting to run free.  The next day it snowed :(

March 12:
One more of my Major.  Love love love him and his sweet, easygoing personality.  That wet spot on his shirt is courtesy of his big brother laying on top of him to hug him.


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