Everyday 2014

March 13:
Shep on the left at 18 weeks, Major on the right at 7 weeks, wearing the same onesie.
March 14:
My husband's 2014 Plant Buying Frenzy/Lowes stalking has begun.

March 15:
Late dinner with my friend Lindsay, after our babies were asleep!

March 16:
Quiet down time before bed.  Love love love.

March 17:
Taming wild elephants.  Love having little boys.

March 18:
My mom and sister were in town just for the night.  Shepherd reading with Gigi.

March 19:
Maybe the sweetest thing ever, and I get to see it every day.  Shepherd is always hugging and kissing Major when he lays in the Snug A Bunny.  He loves Major so much!  And we think Major seems to really like it when Shepherd is close to him.  Sweet precious babies!!

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