Bed Head

One of my favorite things is going into Shepherd's room in the morning and seeing what his hair looks like.  This child.  These pictures were taken as soon as he woke up a few days ago.  
Excuse the attitude.

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Girls weekend.

 This past weekend two of my friends and I went outlet mall shopping.  It was a surprise for Lindsay (in the middle) that her husband planned.  He has to leave town for a few months for military training, so he wanted her to have a fun night away to relax.  He got us a hotel room for the night and Courtney (on the left) and I surprised Lindsay along with her mother in law.  The video cannot be shown because Lindsay opened the door in just her towel, haha :)  Her mother in law was there to watch their son, and the three of us headed out of town!  It was so much fun and nice to have some girl time.

 On the road!
Checked into the hotel and ready to hit the outlets.

After shopping for about 6 hours straight, we came back to the hotel to freshen up before going to dinner.  
I love having time to relax and primp and get ready!  I rarely get to have the bathroom to myself to just leisurely get ready without having to stop in the middle and attend to Shep or Major.  And I love getting ready with other girls.  Gosh that was so much fun in college!  I love seeing how other girls do their hair and what makeup they use and stuff like that, and picking up tips!
I also love doing people's long as they like it curled like mine, since thats about all I know how to do!  So I asked Courtney if I could curl her hair :) 

We had a little photo shoot before heading to dinner:::

We wanted to go to this nice Italian restaurant, but when we finally found it, there was one lone creeper van parked in front and not a lot of lighting, so we decided to lock the doors and find somewhere else to eat ;)

On an unrelated note, the blonde piece in the front of my hair is driving me crazy and I have an appointment next week to darken it.
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the most pitiful face

When this guy gets upset, oh my gosh, it is the saddest thing.  Is this face not pitiful!?  I took these after we had driven back from Owensboro and sweet boy slept the entire way home, except Mom and Dad thought they could sneak in a trip to McDonald's before we went to the house and he woke up and cried/screamed for about 20 minutes until we got home.
Poor little baby.  Gosh I want to squeeze him.

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Everyday 2014

April 17:
Three best friends :)

April 18:
Pretty sunset on the drive home for Easter.

April 19:
After the Easter service

April 20:
Easter lunch at my parent's house

April 21:
We went to watch Matthew's tee-ball game and he convinced the coach to share snacks with him ;)

April 22:
Hanging out with our best friends, Tressie and Mills.  The boys first trip to Baskin Robbins.

April 23:
Major's 3 month birthday
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3 Months with Major

Major is 3 months old!  The first year goes by so fast, and they are changing so quickly!
I almost didn't include that he "loves to sleep" in his chair picture.  I don't want to jinx it!! But this child has about an hour threshold of awakeness then he is ready for the next nap.  He can sleep through anything, thanks to his crazy big brother...including 3 hour car rides of Shepherd screaming The.Whole.Time.
Speaking of Shepherd, he loves his attention and never gets upset when Shep lays on top of him or steals his paci right out of his mouth.  Maybe Major will be my little easy going boy.
He still loves to be swaddled, even though my family thinks I'm crazy to wrap him up in his Miracle Blanket contraption.  But did you see how well he sleeps?  So... Like I Care ;)
I haven't gotten a full on giggle out of him yet, but he does love to smile and coo at you.
He rolls belly to back, but apparently its a trick he only wants to do for Mommy.  Luckily I've caught it on video so Daddy can see it too.
He still loves to take warm baths and kick his legs in the water.
I tried to think of something he doesn't like, and I couldn't come up with anything!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Major in the past month:

^^^ Such a funny little grump face!  I think the sun was in his eyes ;)
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Easter 2014

For memories sake, I wanted to share a few pictures from our Easter weekend.  We drove to my hometown on Friday night and both boys slept almost the whole way.
Saturday Joey and my family took the boys down to the riverfront while I had a hair appointment.  I hated to be inside on such a pretty day, but...priorities.
Saturday night we went to the Easter service at church, then had Big Dipper for dinner.  YUM.

^^^ My ANGEL! ^^^
^This was the best picture I could get of Shepherd in his Easter outfit.  He refused to wear his suspenders, or stand still for a picture.  I planned on forcing him to take pictures after church, but he spilled his drink all over himself on the ride home...Grrrr.
^^^ This guys has no problem posing for pictures :)  This was actually not what I planned for him to wear on Easter, but the outfit we bought was a fleece overall and we were worried he would suffocate. So...Walmart Easter it is.
Sunday morning the Easter bunny came!  So much fun this year, this is really the first time Shepherd has had an awareness of getting gifts.  He still didn't understand the concept of the Easter Bunny, but it was fun watching him see all of his gifts and go through them.  They are lucky they have Gigi's and Nana's and Grandma's and Aunt Hallie's to fill up their Easter baskets buckets :)

^^^ I bought this darn outfit, I will get a picture of it!! ;)
Shep during the Easter egg hunt.  My mom put papers in each egg with a number on it, then we had a table of prizes and went in order of the numbers to pick a prize.  Shepherd won a Jake the Pirate kite :)

Is this not terrifying?  That is my mom.  I love my cousin's face in the above picture.  My mom didn't tell anyone she had the costume and just walked out of the house in it.  Earlier in the morning, she popped in on me in the bathroom and scared me to death, haha!  Why do all Easter Bunny costumes have to be creepy?

Terrifying Easter Bunny or not...I was getting Shepherd's picture, haha!  Mean Mommy.  He was not a fan.

Happy Easter!
He is RISEN! :)
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