3 Months with Major

Major is 3 months old!  The first year goes by so fast, and they are changing so quickly!
I almost didn't include that he "loves to sleep" in his chair picture.  I don't want to jinx it!! But this child has about an hour threshold of awakeness then he is ready for the next nap.  He can sleep through anything, thanks to his crazy big brother...including 3 hour car rides of Shepherd screaming The.Whole.Time.
Speaking of Shepherd, he loves his attention and never gets upset when Shep lays on top of him or steals his paci right out of his mouth.  Maybe Major will be my little easy going boy.
He still loves to be swaddled, even though my family thinks I'm crazy to wrap him up in his Miracle Blanket contraption.  But did you see how well he sleeps?  So... Like I Care ;)
I haven't gotten a full on giggle out of him yet, but he does love to smile and coo at you.
He rolls belly to back, but apparently its a trick he only wants to do for Mommy.  Luckily I've caught it on video so Daddy can see it too.
He still loves to take warm baths and kick his legs in the water.
I tried to think of something he doesn't like, and I couldn't come up with anything!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Major in the past month:

^^^ Such a funny little grump face!  I think the sun was in his eyes ;)

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