Easter 2014

For memories sake, I wanted to share a few pictures from our Easter weekend.  We drove to my hometown on Friday night and both boys slept almost the whole way.
Saturday Joey and my family took the boys down to the riverfront while I had a hair appointment.  I hated to be inside on such a pretty day, but...priorities.
Saturday night we went to the Easter service at church, then had Big Dipper for dinner.  YUM.

^^^ My ANGEL! ^^^
^This was the best picture I could get of Shepherd in his Easter outfit.  He refused to wear his suspenders, or stand still for a picture.  I planned on forcing him to take pictures after church, but he spilled his drink all over himself on the ride home...Grrrr.
^^^ This guys has no problem posing for pictures :)  This was actually not what I planned for him to wear on Easter, but the outfit we bought was a fleece overall and we were worried he would suffocate. So...Walmart Easter it is.
Sunday morning the Easter bunny came!  So much fun this year, this is really the first time Shepherd has had an awareness of getting gifts.  He still didn't understand the concept of the Easter Bunny, but it was fun watching him see all of his gifts and go through them.  They are lucky they have Gigi's and Nana's and Grandma's and Aunt Hallie's to fill up their Easter baskets buckets :)

^^^ I bought this darn outfit, I will get a picture of it!! ;)
Shep during the Easter egg hunt.  My mom put papers in each egg with a number on it, then we had a table of prizes and went in order of the numbers to pick a prize.  Shepherd won a Jake the Pirate kite :)

Is this not terrifying?  That is my mom.  I love my cousin's face in the above picture.  My mom didn't tell anyone she had the costume and just walked out of the house in it.  Earlier in the morning, she popped in on me in the bathroom and scared me to death, haha!  Why do all Easter Bunny costumes have to be creepy?

Terrifying Easter Bunny or not...I was getting Shepherd's picture, haha!  Mean Mommy.  He was not a fan.

Happy Easter!
He is RISEN! :)


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    1. Thanks Jenn! I have another appointment in a week or so...I'm getting rid of the blonde in the front...its driving me crazy! ;)