Everyday 2014

March 27:
My mini Beethoven.
March 28:
Shepherd has been so great adjusting to having a baby brother.  But I have to remind myself that even though he is doing so well with all of the changes, it is still a lot of changes for him, when his life has always been very structured and he's had all of the attention.  I've noticed a few things he has been doing, kind of a regression for lack of a better word.  He was close to weaning on his own before Major was born, and now he wants to nurse all the time.  He also has taken up with his paci, which he never used to really care about.  Yesterday was actually a first, when he got mad that I took his paci away from him.  I'm just going with it, trying to help him feel as secure as possible.

March 29:
Maybe Shepherd isn't adjusting as well as I think...haha just kidding! ;)

March 30:
Final Four bound!!

March 31:
I don't know that we'll be breaking out the markers again any time soon.  They lied when they said "washable."  Shep walked around with a blue stained face for at least 2 baths after this.

April 1:
The first pretty day in FOREVER, so we ate lunch on the deck.  And for the record, I just had plans to read that magazine...Shepherd didn't let that happen!
April 2:
Tressie and Mills came to visit and we were cracking up at them wrestling on the floor.  They love each other!

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