Everyday 2014

April 3:
Love this face.
I was trying to decide if I liked this outfit before purchasing and I didn't realize I had given myself a faux bob...tempting.

April 4:
Tummy time.

April 5:

Go Big Blue!  Ready to watch the Final Four game.

April 6:
Joey's dad, brother and his brother's girlfriend came to visit and we played outside.
After they left we broke in the new double stroller at the arboretum.

April 7:
Championship Game day in the Bluegrass!!  Loved all of the banners on campus.
I officially became my own worse nightmare and let me child play in the play park at the mall.  I'm blaming it on my mom, who took him there while my sister and I shopped.  I told her if he gets sick its all her fault!  But Oh MY gosh did he have the most fun ever.  He was a hot sweaty mess.

April 8:
I love cuddling with him.

April 9:
My poor baby fell off a chair and had to get stitches.  I am putting the full story on the blog ASAP.  This week has been crazy and I haven't had a second!
My mom has been in town all week and so this night I cooked our favorite meal for her.  Lemon parsley salmon, parmesan asparagus, mashed potatoes and Red Lobster biscuits.  So yummy!

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