Everyday 2014

April 10:
Strong man.

April 11:
Joey's spring time Lowes trips have started and it looks like Shepherd will be taking after his daddy.

April 12:
Having fun at his friend Eli's birthday party.  Literally.  So much fun that I had to drag him to the car screaming.  He did not want to leave.
Later that night at our friend Ryan's surprise birthday dinner.  His wife literally just had a baby about 2 weeks ago, and she is amazing to put this together!

April 13:
The most beautiful day and we spent all of it outside.  Joey planted all of our Lowes purchases and got the yard put together for Spring.

April 14:
My first time taking them both out in public, all on my own!  My own personal version of hell ;)
Just kidding....it wasn't thaaaat bad.

Enjoying his new swing Joey put up.

April 15:
Sweet baby doesn't care that its snowing outside.

April 16:
Back to the doctor to have his stitches removed.
Dear Lord,
Please never let another appointment coincide with naptime.
Forever and ever,

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