4 months with Major

This month we're starting to see more and more of Major's personality.  He is the happiest baby.  We thought Shepherd was easy, but Major is way easier!  He is really not chunky by any means, he is still a perfectly proportioned 25% percentile baby.  But to us, we were used to Shepherd who did not have a roll or inch of fat on him...so Major seems like a little chubby chunker to us and we love it!  He is starting to roll and scoot around.  He has the biggest, happiest grin and loves attention.  We took him to the zoo and he was so laid back...even though I didn't change his diaper for about 5 hours...I'm awful I know.  When he wakes up in the morning, he never cries.  He kind of whines and I'll give him his paci and he'll drift back to sleep, then whine again to get up.  
He has started laughing, he likes being tickled...it is the sweetest little belly laugh.  He sounds like he is surprised that sound is coming out of him.
He loves warm baths.  He smiles the entire time, my cheeks hurt from smiling back at him.  He kicks in the water so much that slides down the bath and I have to readjust him every few minutes.
He is still obsessed with his big brother, and calms down when Shep is giving him attention.
We love our Major man!


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