Everyday 2014

April 24:
Both my boys in the morning.
April 25:
When we got the news the twins were staying at Kentucky, Major had to be changed into his UK onesie immediately!

April 26:
About to head to dinner, on our girls shopping trip!

April 27:
We were on (another) Lowes run, and Shep fell asleep in his carseat.  I got to stay in the car and read magazines while Joey took Major all over Lowes ;)  Love his sweet sweaty face.

April 28:
My sweet Major man, happy right after his bath.

April 29:
Joey's little brother had a baby...meeting our new nephew, Reece, for the first time.  He is absolutely precious!

April 30:
Posing with our latest postcard from Auntie Lace...all the way from London town!  Love her.

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