Everyday 2014

May 8:
Selfies while I wait for my hair appointment.

May 9:
Last night as a one year old.  He insisted on his Mickey pajamas but it was about 100 degrees so Joey draped it around his neck.

May 10:
Shepherd's birthday and party day.

May 11:
Mother's Day with my boys.

May 12:
This morning I was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready and realized Shepherd was being unusually quiet.  That usually means he is doing something he shouldn't, so I snuck into the living room to see what he was up to.  My heart MELTED when I realized he had pulled his new Mickey Mouse chair he got for his birthday to the center of the room and was sitting in it reading one of his new books.  LOVE HIS HEART.

May 13:
 Our first tomato.

May 14:
I love how much Shepherd loves him.  Look at that face!


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