Everyday 2014

May 15:
Major faces.  His little personality is starting to shine through.
May 16:
Not the prettiest plate, but this was delicious!  I named it my #2 favorite meal I make.  And so easy to make!  2 hours in the crockpot.  "Healthy" crockpot zucchini ziti.  
I got the recipe here.

May 17:

May 18:
After Major's baby dedication at church.  (Post coming soon.)
Later that day Joey had Christmas in May when my grandma brought him a ton of plants and he spent the day planting and working in the yard.

May 19:
Chubby bubby.
Happy Shep.
May 20:
I tried to take a picture of Major wearing one of Shepherd's hand me downs, and he insisted on being in the picture.
Same outfit, Shep (right) at 5 months and Major at almost 4.
Later that day we had some of Joey's family over to celebrate Jen's birthday and you can tell from this picture, Shep was a fan of the cupcakes.

May 21:
Shep loves the new slide he got for his birthday, but it has me completely on edge trying to keep him from breaking his neck.

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