Everyday 2014

May 1:
Supporting his own weight at 3 months :)  He can balance for a few seconds at a time.

May 2:
Shepherd wanted to read his book about brothers to Major...
Much better!  I love how Major is looking at Shep and smiling.
Sweet babies!

May 3:

May 4: 
Walking at the arboretum

May 5:
My view while trying to cook dinner...is it Mother's Day yet?  I need a nice gift! ;)

May 6:
Before bedtime walk.  Shep surprised both of us by holding Joey's hand for a block and a half.  Usually he would be too busy exploring to hand hold.  Love him.
My view during our walk.  Happy baby.

May 7:
Shepherd trying to find the most comfortable seat.  Option 1:

Option 2:

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