Mother's Day 2014

I'm just getting around to posting this because I am worn out! We had the busiest weekend.  Shepherd's birthday party and Mother's Day.  But I wouldn't change it because it was a ton of fun and Shepherd had the best time.
I'll share birthday pictures later this week, today is about Mother's Day!  The most important holiday! ;)

My family was in town for Shepherd's birthday party, so we got to spend Sunday with them.  
I woke up to my husband's Mother's Day set, flowers and breakfast.
Joey made me a locket with both boys silhouettes :)

Funny side note: A few days ago I told Joey we were bad parents who obviously need to bathe our child more often because I found what I thought was poop in a little crevice of Major's foot.  Turns out it was paint ;)

We all went to church together and Major was a little angel during the service.

We loved Major's face in this one ^^  Also, the best picture I got the whole day with both of my boys...

After church we headed home for nap time and ordered Cheddar's to go while we waited for Shepherd to wake up.  Then we headed downtown to the same fair we went to last year on Mother's Day.

What a difference a year makes!!  Here is me and Shepherd last year, and this year standing in the same spot holding Major.  I would find out the next morning that I was pregnant with Major :)

(Side note: My hair.  Decisions, decisions.)


As soon as we got to the fair, Shepherd noticed the big pirate ship carnival ride.  He wanted to get on it SO BAD.  Joey and I were hesitant, thinking he would get on it and the ride would start and he would freak out.  But he was adamant!  He wanted on that pirate ship!  So my sister volunteered to go with him and we agreed.  I am so glad we did!  It was the best part of my entire day, watching him on that ride.  He was so good letting Hallie get him in his seat and buckled in and waiting for the ride to start.  Then when it started moving, there was just a short moment of excitement/panic.  Then he spent the entire ride full on belly laughing.  The four of us (my parents, Joey and I) were all standing right next to the ship, each with our phones taking pictures and videos like crazy people.  I literally cried standing in the street, watching how much fun he was having.  It was entirely precious.

Excited anticipation:

Excited panic:

Sheer JOY:

One of my favorite moments of my life.

Some more pictures from our day:

 ^^^ I can see our kids looking through old pictures on day and making fun of me.  "Mom! Give it up!"
But come on, a photo op with Llama Llama?  I even recited the entire Red Pajama book to him and he still didn't care.


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