Shepherd is TWO

Last night we were playing in the front yard and I was pushing Shepherd in the swing.  He was laughing and "weeeee!!!"-ing, when all of a sudden he stopped and just looked at me and smiled.  Then, all on his own he leaned forward and puckered his lips for a kiss.  I kissed him and after that he used both hands to sign "I love you."  I feel so lucky that God picked us out for each other.

Tomorrow he will turn TWO.  I've had two years of loving and being loved by this perfect little boy.
The day he was born was the best day of my life, and I would relive it over and over again.

Shepherd, the two main words I would use to describe you are funny and lover.  You are always laughing and you already have great comedic timing.  You love to have fun and play and if we laugh at something you do, you know it and ham it up.  You think it is hilarious when you "hide" and we pretend like we can't find you.  
You are a lover.  You love on Major, you love on Blue, you love on your friends, and sometimes if we are lucky you love on Mom and Dad.  This is not to be confused with cuddling, because you don't have time for that.  You call Major, "my Maj" and want to go find him as soon as you wake up.  You love to kiss him on his head, or lay your head on him to give him a hug.  You love when I let you both be in the crib together so you can lay down next to him.
Your best friends are Grayson and Mills.  Watching you and Grayson play together is so much fun.
You are really into trucks and planes.  If you hear a loud car go down the street you run to the door and say, "big truck!"  You also love school buses.  
I'm not sure what your favorite food is.  You love fruit...blueberries and raspberries and blackberries are always in the house.  You love ANY kind of fruit pouch.  Often you come to me and say, "powch, peeese."
You love bubbles, being outside, Jake the Pirate and Mickey Mouse, reading books and pointing to the things I ask you to find, wrestling and being chased, climbing and rough housing and having a house full of people.
You love doing puzzles and you know your basic shapes and colors!  You can count to three, but you then jump from three to six.  One...two...three....six.
Your language is exploding in the past few weeks.  You are saying so many new words and putting together sentences.
You love being outside and helping Daddy in the yard.  You like to water the plants and smell the flowers.  You like to throw your ball and then chase it.
You hate having your hair washed and blankets.  You refuse to have a pillow or blanket in your crib, and when you get in bed with us you kick the covers away from you.
You've already had 4 stitches and multiple skinned knees.  You are a brave little boy.
You've never been sick other than a cold, usually when the weather changes.
Seeing you become a big brother has been so wonderful, and you have done so well.  You never for a second acted jealous or anything other than obsessed with "your Maj."

Some of my favorite pictures from the past year:

I love you more than words can say.
Happy Birthday, my Shepherd.

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