zoo day.

Saturday we drove and met my family in Louisville to go to the zoo.
It was pretty chilly for May, but ended up being good weather for walking around all day.
I packed a picnic for everyone and we sat outside on the grass to eat before going inside.

The past week I've been really focusing on Shepherd's animal books and talking to him about the zoo and trying to ensure he would recognize when we saw the main attractions...the lions, the zebras, the giraffes...
Well, his favorite animal there was...the ducks.  The plain old ducks walking around the zoo grounds.  Next weekend I'll just take him down to Tates Creek and call it a vacation. 
And when we got to the elephants and Joey held him up to see, he said..."grass."
I guess thats a toddler for you.

Dad and the Bald Eagles.  His favorite part.

Let me tell you something.  The zoo with kids is exhausting. We went in a little building where I guess they host schools and teach classes and I grabbed myself a seat ASAP.

Now a couple of random things:

How creepy is this face?  I made the mistake of laughing at it once and now this little ham stares at me with these eyes waiting for me to notice.  He makes me laugh every day.

This was a new wild animal exhibit.  Just kidding. Thats. my. hair.  Woof.  Joey said it looked like the rhino's tail :( 

I mentioned earlier, the zoo with kids is exhausting.  Even with 5 adults, I still felt like I needed to do a head count over and over again.  I think it would be easy when there are so many adults, to assume someone has the kids and not worry about it, then realize everyone thought that and now we can't find Shepherd.  Oh my gosh, worst nightmare.  So I felt like I never really paid attention at the exhibits because I was too busy head counting.  However, I did watch one exhibit:

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