a post about more than baby lotion.

I love how you associate smells with different memories/times in your life.  
Not on purpose, we used a different baby lotion with Major than we had with Shepherd.  Major had really dry skin when he was born.  I love how the smell of each lotion takes me right back to them as newborns.

When I smell this:

Its Spring, and cool at night when I get up with him.  I have the blue velvety blanket next to the chair in his room and cover us up with it during middle of the night feedings.  I'm texting my friend Lindsay in the middle of the night while he nurses because she just had a baby and is up too.  He's wearing his lime green alligator sleeper, that is gigantic and both feet get caught in one foot hole, but its my favorite.  He is too tiny for that big ol crib and theres no way I'm leaving him in it all alone so I just stay up all night holding him because I don't know what else to do.  Everything is new and exciting, but I have no idea what I'm doing so I Google everything and consult my "What to Expect" app.  Throughout the day it gets hot and the sun beats down the most on his room so at night when we try to get him to sleep its muggy and warm.  I'm sore from the C-section and Joey lowered our bed so I can get into it without help.  We are listening to Danny's Song and I will cry every time I hear it for the rest of my life.  We are  exhausted, but so so happy.

When I smell this:

Its the coldest its ever been, the snow and ice don't have a chance to melt before it is covered even more.  Major is tan from his jaundice and we have a little light on him.  Everyday we wrap him up and cover his car seat and go to the hospital to get his blood drawn, praying his jaundice levels are lower than the day before, and Thank God they always are.  I sit in the chair holding Major in his room, and Shepherd plays with the laundry basket of toys I put in there.  Shep stops playing to come kiss Major on the head.  He immediately is obsessed with him.  Major is wearing his red and white striped sweater outfit, because it is my favorite.  That, or his Miracle Blanket.  I'm ecstatic over my VBAC but in a ton of pain from my broken tailbone.  We are listening to My My Love by Joshua Radin, and he sleeps like an angel and we are so so happy.


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