about my dad.

I have been very blessed to grow up with the best dad for me and now I'm married to the best husband/father for my children.  
Today I want to talk about my dad.  Prepare yourself for a sappy post!

Man Crates contacted me with the idea to share a blog post dedicated to dad and some his best advice.
You know what, I am so glad they did.  As I've written this I'm glad I have it all written down.  I know my dad will love reading it.  He is probably already getting teary-eyed ;)

I am so much like my mom.  For example, I can remember having to text my sister once to tell her I had just had mom come out of me, when Joey wanted me to watch a show with him and I told him I wasn't going to watch trash.  (It was American Horror Story, haha.)  Anyway, THAT is exactly something my mom would say.  But while I am so much like my mom in a ton of ways, I think WHO I am is because of my dad.

I've told my dad how thankful I am that I grew up knowing how much he loved me, so I never felt the need to go out searching for love in the wrong places.  I can call my dad at any time of day and he will answer the phone.  He teaches class at a community college and he will answer the phone in the middle of class.  I'm like "Dad, its ok, you can call me later." Haha!
One of the biggest life lessons my dad taught me is this.  That I can do whatever I want and I don't have to explain it to anybody if I don't want to.  That just clicked with me early on and I think that is so freeing.  People can get so caught up in explaining themselves.  Just do what you want to do.  I love that.  Probably why I'm such a people pleaser.  (SARCASM...About 0% of my personality is worried about people pleasing.)
My dad gave me so much confidence.  He always told me not to take any crap off anyone, he literally told me that every single day before he would drop me off at school.  So...a nicer way to say that is "stick up for yourself." ;)
My dad came to every single event we ever had.  Every play I was in, every recital, all of my sisters games.
When I was in college, my car broke down. (In the middle of the busiest street in Lexington, in the middle of an intersection, by the mall, the week before Christmas...but thats a story for a different day.)
Anyway, my parents had already bought me one car, it was a Ford Explorer that I loved.  I was out of their house, they really could have just told me I was on my own and had me get a car payment.  But my dad wanted me to be safe, and didn't want me to start out on my own in debt, so he sold his convertible Jeep that he LOVED, to trade it in for me to have a nice safe car.  Then he got me an SUV that I really didn't have to have, he could have just got me some cheap car to get me from one place to the next.  My Mazda tribute that I loved and drove until it wouldn't drive anymore.
That to me, is a picture of loving me the way God loves us.
I'm thankful that I grew up seeing my dad read his Bible.  Its a very clear image in my head.  My dad keeps cards and pictures in his Bible, and I just want to point out that a Father's Day card I gave him is taped to the front flap.  Take that, Hallie ;)
He also has pictures of my mom in his Bible.

I grew up hearing my dad say how great my mom is.  He brags on her even when she isn't there to hear it.  He says things like, "Look how pretty your mama is." Or we'll go on vacation and he'll give my mom all the credit, "Look what a great job your mom did planning out this vacation."
My dad is a very positive person.  Like, I don't think I've ever heard him look at the negative side of anything.  He is a glass half full type of guy.
He is encouraging to everyone.  He sends Joey long texts about how great he is and how proud he is of his son in law.  He has started texting me videos to show Shep of him talking to Shepherd and Major.

He loves to learn, he loves to travel.  His favorite thing is to go somewhere new.  He loves state capitols and historic sites, and he and my mom are always going somewhere.  He loves to go on walks and he usually calls his brother every night.  He loves the Packers and UK basketball.
He loves all of us and he loves being a Pappy :)

Thanks Man Crates for the opportunity to brag on my dad!
Man Crates is a new company that offers great gifts for guys, shipped to them in a custom wooden crate, that they get to open with a crow bar.  Haha!
If you're having trouble coming up with a Father's Day gift, they have so many options.
Side note: This would also be a great groomsmen gift or even wedding day gift for your husband!
They even offer a military discount.
My favorite for my dad would be the NFL Crate with the Packers logo.

If I was getting one for Joey, I'd go with the personalized whiskey crate.

And I thought this was cool, even if none of their (33!) options work for you, they have the option to do a custom crate where you can mix and match contents!  They also let you submit ideas if you think you have a good idea for a crate.  Then if it becomes a permanent option, they'll ship you one!

  Love you, Dad!

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