Everyday 2014

I'm almost a week behind on my Everyday pics.  We have been super busy and I haven't had time to sit down, let alone blog.  I'm hoping this week isn't as crazy!

May 22:
Leaned over and fell asleep while I was getting ready for the day.  Of course when I tried to gently move him to his crib he woke up ;)

May 22:
Another trip to Lowes.  This time it included plants and lumber...

May 23:
Little boy climber.

May 24:
Preparations for refinishing the deck.  
Joey claimed this would be a nap time project.  I said it would be an all weekend project.
Guess who was right??
Good thing it was a long weekend ;)
While Joey was working on the deck and the boys were napping, I went to our nephew's preschool graduation.

May 25:
Strawberry picking

May 26:
Memorial Day cookout with our friends.  We all have boys!!  They love each other :)

May 27:
Shep found my lipstick.

May 28:
Shepherd wasn't feeling good this day...teething.  He was happy to hold hands with his brother and relax watching Mickey Mouse.
He got all of his Mickeys and laid them side by side for a nap.

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