Everyday 2014

June 5:
Watching me on the treadmill.

June 6:
MAJOR Trouble

June 7:
Early Father's Day celebration with Tressie and Mike.  We had the boys go play tennis and we cooked lunch.  It was hot so we took the table down in the yard under the shade.
Shepherd and Mills playing after lunch.

June 8:
My happy, happy boy.

June 9:
And my chunky roly poly boy.  Joey and I are still not used to a baby with rolls, considering Shepherd never had (and still doesn't) so much as an inch to pinch.
I love this chunk!

June 10:
Neither of my children like to cuddle.  They sleep in their cribs and in the car and that is it.  Major is still young enough that if he is really really tired he might fall asleep in your arms, but its rare.  Well he was so exhausted that he fell asleep nursing, so I cuddled him for about an hour ;)

June 11:
Shepherd and our blueberry bush.  He hasn't grasped the concept that they will actually turn blue when they are ripe, so every chance he gets he sneaks off a still-green blueberry and eats it anyway.

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