Everyday 2014

June 12:
Happy and handsome!

June 13:
I feel like I'm looking at my teenagers.  But its Friday and Daddy is home!

June 14:
The only picture I took all day and Major looks so cute but I had to crop out Joey because he made a face and ruined it!

June 15:
Father's Day!

June 16:
Enjoying the sunshine
Someone tagged my Grandma in this picture on Facebook and I creeped and took a screen shot of it so I could put it on Instagram.  I did blur out everyone else so I'm not a total weirdo.  How precious is my grandma!?  She is 77 years old and doesn't act like it at all.  She went with her church on a mission trip all the way in South Dakota, and they drove!  I wouldn't want to drive to South Dakota but she gladly did it and worked all week with kids.  I love her!

June 17:
Reunited with our favorite guy!

June 18:
Full on toddler meltdown.  I didn't take a picture of Major, but he looked pretty much the same.  This is what I'm dealing with, and Joey was having a steak dinner, wine and dessert at a work dinner. I texted him this picture and said meltdown and he texted me back a picture of his ice cream that had melted on his warm cookie dessert :(  At least he brought me home dessert, too.  


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