Everyday 2014

Last week was not my favorite week.  It was a very LOOOOONG week.  Lots of Mommy meltdowns were happening.  The days Joey doesn't get home until bedtime are the longest days of my life.  14 hours.  I hate to complain, but just keeping it real!  Seriously though...mommy meltdowns.
Anyway, here are some pictures:

May 29:
The neighbor was having work done on her house and Shep LOVED the "big truck."

May 30:
I took Shepherd and Major to Danville for Shep to get his hair cut.  My mother in law met us then we took them to Orange Leaf afterwards.

May 31:
Saturday!  Relaxing on a blanket with Daddy while Shep napped.

June 1:
Tara is back from Haiti and her first stop was to meet Major!

June 2:
Shep loves his little brother.

June 3:
This was the week of the mommy meltdowns.  I made Joey go up in the attic and get a bunch of baby gear down.  Major was either sleeping...being held...or screaming.  And I would love to but I can't hold him all day, and he only sleeps for so long...so I needed more gear to keep him happy! Shep likes the swing too ;)

June 4:
Major man

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