happy birthday to my husband.

Joey's birthday was Saturday and we celebrated all weekend!

I am so thankful for this man!
5 years ago I wrote this in my wedding vows:
"You are the type of person who will give me the life I want - a life filled with laughter and family and fun."
That statement has proven to be so true.  I wake up everyday and I am so thankful for my life, and so much of that is thanks to him.
Years ago, before we even thought about having kids, we had a conversation about the Bible verse Psalm 37:4
"Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart."
I asked him what his biggest "desire of his heart" was, and it was the same as mine.  That when we did have kids, I would be able to stay home with them.
I am so thankful that Joey wants me to be home with our boys and makes that a priority.  He works so hard, putting in 10-12 hours work days, every day.
I'm thankful that even with those long hours, he comes home in a great mood, and is always ready to play with Shepherd and love on Major and give me some time to myself, without skipping a beat.
Joey is the most easy going, fun loving person I've ever met.  Everything is more enjoyable with him.  He makes up games and jokes and nicknames that everyone catches on to and last forever.
Recently he invented a new game called "Limb Ball" that everyone who comes to our house has to play, and then for his birthday Caity and Josh surprised him with a volleyball net so we can take the game to the next level.  This sounds silly, but that is exactly what I meant in my vows, what I want out of life, and my husband is making it happen.

To start off the birthday weekend, (and not pictured) we went to Texas Roadhouse on Friday night with Joey's fam.  I think this was the first time we've taken both Shep and Major to a restaurant, and I can PROMISE you it is the last.  We were both so stressed, it didn't help that it was very close to bedtime.  Shepherd is a menace to society if you try to get him to stay seated.  So anyway, that was Friday.

Saturday started with a Lowes trip, of course, right after breakfast.  I surprised Joey with a little raised garden box in the backyard, so we went to get supplies.
I've talked before about Joey's love for Lowes (I am not exaggerating when I say he goes every single day on his lunch break).  But he really does have a talented green thumb.  

Saturday afternoon Caity and Josh came over because they GOT ENGAGED the night before, after our Texas Roadhouse dinner.  We hang out with these two at least once a week.  Seriously, if a week goes by and I don't see Caity I'm concerned!  We love our dinner nights with these two and I am so excited Josh is officially going to be part of the family. 

Saturday night we had a bunch of our friends over to celebrate.
My little SWAG baby.

Here is the new volleyball net for our backyard:

And my Maj just relaxing.
So thats the recap of Joey's birthday weekend.
Happy birthday, Joey!
Every day is better when I'm with you. 

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