Major's dedication day

As a mother I have a million things I want for my babies.
I want them to have a great childhood, that they look back on with fondness.  I want their childhood to prepare them in every way for adulthood.  I want them to have good friends who are loyal and fun and good influences.  I want them to enjoy school and take part in extracurricular activities.  I want them to fall in love and date and learn about themselves.  I want them to go off to college and have the best time ever, and call their mom everyday.  I want them to find the right girl and plan out wonderful proposals and marry her and live happily ever after.  I want them to have babies and be good daddies and provide for their families.  I want them to grow old with their wives and look back on life with no regrets.

As a Christian mother, I have one thing I want above all else for my babies.
I want them to realize they need a Savior, and accept Jesus into their hearts.
Thats it.  
Above all else, my prayer for them is to know the love I know, the love of Christ and the contentment that comes with that.

I want to be reunited with my family in Heaven.

So together with our families, we stood up in front of our church and made that promise to Major and our Lord.  That we will do everything in our power to teach our children the love of Jesus.  
To focus on our own relationships with God, to be the best parents and example.
To bring them up in church.
To pray for them and with them.

The ceremony itself is chaotic and every family there has babies and other children and there is a lot going on.  But even with that, I think making that statement, being there and making that dedication is so important.  Just like our wedding vows, making that commitment in front of God and the church and our family, holds me accountable.


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