my house is.

Right now, in this season, my house is:

Crushed Cheerios and fruit pouches.
Nursing pads and the Boppy pillow.
Baby gates and little boy shoes.
Swaddling blankets and 7:30 bedtimes.
Sticky fingers and drool covered onesies.

One day, it will be:

Teenage boys and can't keep enough food in the house.
After school practice and weekend games.
Can I have a friend spend the night and chaperoning field trips.

Staying home with them is the most rewarding thing I'll ever do, and the most difficult.  It is mentally exhausting.  All I want to do when they both go to bed is lay on the couch until I decide to go to bed myself.  Its hard, but worth it.  And like everything, this is a season.  And even when its the longest day ever and I'm worn out, I already miss it.  The days are long, but the years are short.


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  1. this made me cry as I hold my 7mos old! (in the best way)

    It also made me feel so good as I look around my little living room with a playpen in the corner, nursing pillow on the ground, box of diapers by the door, crushed cookie stuck in the dog's fur and toys everywhere! Made me feel less alone :)