I can't stop laughing

I cannot quit laughing at this little creeper face. This is old (I was cleaning out pics from my phone) but I had to save it on my blog. Joey and I love some blooper pictures.  Our goal is to raise kids who can laugh at themselves and don't take themselves too seriously. 
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Our Summer obsession

Big Brother.

Thursday is my favorite night of the week.  It comes on three nights, and we save them all until Thursday and usually order pizza and watch them all at once.  

Its season 16, and I had never watched it until last summer, when there was nothing else to watch and Joey was already into it.  Now I'm hooked.
Team Frankie/Team Derrick.
As of right now ;)

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Matthew is 5!

A few weekends ago we celebrated our nephew Matthew's 5th birthday with family at Pop Pop's house.  
So pretty out in the country!  Kentucky, I love you.

Happy birthday, Mattie!

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Summer wedding

A few weekends ago we celebrated the wedding of our friends Jordan and Chase.  I didn't get any pictures with the bride :(
It was a fun night with so many of our best friends!

 I've said it before...my favorite thing about all of our friends is that we all just love to dance.  So much fun having a big dance party with everyone.

So much work to get this picture.  Missing a few of our favorites!

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Everyday 2014

July 12:
I don't think we've had a group pic since college.  Love these people!!  After Jordan and Chase's wedding.

July 13:
Bed head at its finest.

July 14:
Bachelor Monday.  Hoping Chris is the next Bachelor!

July 15:
The only picture I took all day was to show Joey that Ross Matthews was wearing a pair of shoes he owns.  I first sent him a close up of just the shoes, and he texted me back, "is that someone cool?"
Um...you decide.

July 16:
Dinner date on a cool night in July.  

July 17:
I love his little chunky rolls.

July 18:
Take me to the beach, Mom!!  Dressed in his beach jams for the drive to Hilton Head.
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horse park fun.

So as you can tell with my last two belated posts, I'm trying to catch up on my blogging.

A couple of weekends ago we met up with a family friend and spent our morning at the Horse Park.  Shep got to go on his first pony ride, pet a bunch of different horses, and go in a movie theater.

I had no idea there was so much to do out there.  And it was beautiful!  We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed walking around.

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Memorial Day 2014

I realize this is about 2 months too late, but...oh well.

For Memorial Day this year, we met up with all of our friends at a park and grilled out and let the kids play and held each others babies.

Shep and Grayson, two peas in a pod.

Major just about fell asleep in the grass.  It was hot!

They were obsessed with wagon rides.  Only time they stayed still all day.

His "mad" aka sun in his eyes faces crack me up!
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trip home.

A couple of weeks ago I took the boys to my parents house for the week.  I was a little worried about how they would sleep but after the first night of getting used to a new room, they both slept great.  
We had fun going on walks, going down to the river and just relaxing with four willing babysitters!

Going on a walk:

Shep has an obsession with maps right now and kept stopping to consult his "map" during our walk.

Grammy and Maj

My mom made Shepherd his own special map:

"More slide"

Down at the river

Hallie and Maj

Unpacking Gigi's pantry

Wreath making

Went to work with Gigi

My mom works at the elementary school I went to (and she went to!) and it is always weird going back to it...everything seems so small compared to my memory of it.  
Feeding the birds

And our lovely drive home...two crying kids, in the rain, and for some reason I can't make the 3 hour drive without stopping to pee.  That was fun ;)

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