Everyday 2014

So I've fallen off the wagon with my every day pictures.  Lets just post some randoms from the last few days and I'll try and pick up again next week!

June 28:
Before a baby shower for our friend, Lauren.  I was trying to get a picture of his outfit so of course Joey just snapped a million blurry pictures.
This picture fuels my desire for a LOB.  I keep talking myself out of it.
The Happiest Baby in the World.
#crazyeyes  #atleastigottheoutfit

June 29:
"Does this count as snuggling?"
"Yes! Yes it does! Sweet tired baby."

June 30:
Shepherd is a fan of the new pillows we bought.  I am on a mission to redecorate our living room.  It is my least favorite decorated room in the house, but the one we spend the most time in.

July 1:
Wearing the same outfit Shepherd wore in our pregnancy announcement pictures.

July 2:
Brotherly love

July 3:
We met Mills and Tress at the library storytime and this was the best picture I got of all three of them.  Notice Shepherd's missing shoe.  We later found it in the parking lot.

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