Everyday 2014

July 4:
Major's 1st Fourth of July.  The happiest baby.

July 5:
I texted this picture to my Grandma to show her he was finally fitting into this outfit she bought him.

July 6:
We spent the morning at the Horse Park.  Shepherd's first pony ride!

July 7:
Tara came with us to watch Joey play a tennis match.

July 8:
Baby Whisperer.  He never falls asleep in your lap.

July 9:
We cleaned out Joey's closet, but I couldn't convince him to get rid of this leather jacket.  (I've only been trying to get rid of it for about 4 years...)

July 10:
We had fun having my mom stay with us for a few days.

July 11:
Went with Caity to pick out her wedding dress.  This is not it ;)  We had her try on the ugliest dress in the store ;)

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