How I felt about this week

^^^ Shep perfectly sums up how I felt about this week.  And everything feels worse when you're sleep deprived!  

However, thanks to our new live in nanny ;) we had a little dinner date after the boys went to bed tonight. 

Hoping next week is a little kinder to us! Bring on the weekend!!
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Starting solids with Major

We started rice cereal with Major once he turned 6 months old.  I waited for about a week for his belly to get used to digesting something new, then we started solids!  His first food was green beans.
I made a lot of Shepherd's baby food and plan to do the same for Major.  I do buy it too, for if he is going to be eating somewhere other than home, and I also buy the stuff I don't know how to make.
But green beans were easy!  Just steamed them on the stove then pureed them in the blender, adding breastmilk until it had the right consistency.  I froze what he didn't eat in ice cube trays, then once frozen, transferred to a plastic baggie, so I can take out how much I need.

I love his sweet little spoon with his name on it.  That was a gift from Nana.

"What is this stuff, Mom?"
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Joey has literally been begging me to watch The Walking Dead with him and I kept saying no.  Finally I told him I would watch the first three episodes and see if I was into it.  He has already seen it, so I'm just catching up.  Well we watched the entire first season in two days...its only 6 episodes so that isn't really that big of a deal.  
I do like the show...but it is so stressful that I am on edge the entire time and don't even realize I've been holding my breath until I exhale.
I really like to just zone out with some Real Housewives at the end of the day, but I guess I'll keep watching.  
However, binge watching a show like this is not good for my blood pressure/anxiety/dreams.  Every time I woke up with Major last night I was scared to get out of bed and kept thinking there was a "walker" in the hallway :(

We just started season 2!  Have to catch up by October!
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Day in our life

Last Monday I decided to take pictures and do a "day in our life" post.  I didn't decide this until 11:30, so undocumented would be Major napping and me winning mom of the year letting Shepherd watch videos on my phone and lay in bed with me while I tried to get a some more sleep.  Did I mention Major decided to stop sleeping at night??  
Anyway, so after breakfast Major was down for a nap and we went out on the back deck to play with our new play house.  I had told my mom I wanted one and about a week after she found it on the side of the road with a "free" sign on it!  So my parents brought it up here for Shepherd.  Pinterest has the cutest before and afters of houses like this where people paint them, so I'm thinking maybe next summer we can fix it up.
"I clean my house."
After cleaning up the house, we went out in the yard to play and check our "harvest."
Shep likes to eat his tomatoes right off the vine.

Late lunch of green beans, mac n cheese, ham, cherry tomatoes, and "cake" aka zucchini bread.  All he ate was the "cake."
While Shepherd ate and watched Peppa Pig, I did some laundry.
Major is awake!
Heading upstairs to change diapers and take a nap.
Shep insists on sleeping with at least four pacifiers.
While Shepherd naps, Major plays and watches me do some dishes.
Playing with Major...practicing sitting up on our own like a big boy/making creeper faces.
2:39 pm...Major goes back down for another nap and I finally get to eat lunch.
Tomatoes and feta cheese roasted in the oven with olive oil and herbs.  My favorite lunch.
After lunch I take a quick shower and when I get out, Major is awake again, so he watches me dry my hair.  The face on the right is when I turned the hair dryer on.
Shep wakes up.  (I waited to dry my hair until I could hear him waking, so I wouldn't wake him up.)  Shepherd wakes up very slowly.  I never go in his room right away when I hear him wake up.  He likes to lay there for sometimes 30 minutes or longer, just talking to himself and waking up slowly.  Then he still likes me to hold him and nurse him to get woken up.
They are both awake and Shepherd wants to play with Major in his crib.
Sweet boys.

Shepherd gets a snack (blueberries) and watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Joey calls to say he's on his way home (about 6pm) so we head outside to play and wait for him.
Shepherd loves to pretend to drive.
Straight out to the deck to show off our newly cleaned playhouse.
As much as I love these boys, once Joey gets home I just need a freaking minute!  I know my fellow SAHMs can relate ;)  I sit in Major's room for a bit for some quiet while Joey starts dinner.
What toy does Daddy pick out for Major while he cooks?  Dried basil of course.
Undocumented: us eating spaghetti for dinner!
Joey is in charge of getting Shep to bed, while I take care of Major.  I gave him a bath because he had dried cereal all over him before nursing him and putting him to bed.

After the boys were asleep I took a minute to read a devotional out of my book.  I love love love staying home with them, but these days are loooong.  Its hard to explain how you can love something so much and wouldn't change a thing, but at the same time are just so exhausted at the end of the day by it all.  It doesn't help that Major has LITERALLY SLEPT IN HOUR INCREMENTS every single night going on about 3 weeks. I can handle lack of sleep really well, for a pretty long time.  Its not like I've slept a full night since he's been born, although he was doing really well for awhile.  But come on, waking up every hour is making me lose my mind!  I'm just realizing more and more that since having kids, I cannot make it through a day without giving it over to God.  I just can't.  I need to start my day off with Him, and be in communication with Him all the day long!

Thanks for spending the day with us ;)

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This little boy loves his mommy so much...

That he decided to wake up Every.Single.Hour last night, oh and the night before that, and the night before that! And before that I've blocked out.  Monday night at 3 am I just started crying right along with him.  We tried moving him into his crib to see if that helped, but I moved him back into our room when I realized I was getting out of bed even more to just find his paci.
I wasn't expecting this, since Shepherd was about 14 months old before he got a tooth, but I'm hoping this is teething and will be over soon.  I need sleep!!

To balance out his brother, this guy has started sleeping until about 9am, then he likes to lay in bed and just talk to himself.  This morning he didn't get moving until about 10!  
(I love his crazy bed head hair!)
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6 months with Major

I'm a little late in posting this...second child, you know.
Major had a big traveling month.  We went to my parents house for a week and we also took him on his first real vacation, to Hilton Head.
He went to the beach for the first time, and also loved being in the pool.
Sleep took a hit this month, with him waking multiple times per night, but still going back to sleep pretty easily.  He is still in our room and still insists on being swaddled to sleep.  He sleeps in his "co-sleeper" right next to me.
He has become much more mobile, rolling all over the place and starting to scoot backwards.
He reaches for everything near him and loves to stand in your lap and bounce.  Still working on sitting unsupported, he can for a few seconds at a time before tumbling over.
I don't know how much I really believe those percentiles, but when we went for his checkup he was in about the 30th percentile for height and weight, and 50th for head circumference.  I just don't know if I believe that though.  When the nurse was measuring his length, I could tell he was crooked on the measuring chart. I would say 9 month clothes fit him best, but I put him in 12 month onesies, and when I went to Carters a few days ago I bought him mostly 12 month stuff so he can wear it longer.
He still has a sweet little easy going personality.  I can't believe he is already 6 months!  He still feels brand new.

Some of my favorite pictures from the past month:

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