3 (maybe) life changing tidbits

I read this article about things you didn't know your iphone could do and it was literally life changing! 
First, I don't know how long I've had my phone but I've always been so annoyed that I couldn't tell exactly what time I sent/recieved a text. Especially if someone said "on my way" and then I couldn't figure out what time they said that. SO. Did you know that if you drag to the left on your text, all of the time stamps show up!?  Life changing.

Second, someone showed me this.  It always takes forever to text pictures to people, especially if you're sharing a lot.  Did you know what the Air Drop thing is?  I always saw it but for some reason it never even crossed my mind to figure out what it was.  You can select pictures, then click on Air Drop and whoever is close by can be sent the pictures directly into their photo album.  So much faster!

Last, I had no idea that when you are taking a picture, if you hold down the capture button, it will take one picture right after the other.  This is extremely helpful when trying to capture a picture of a baby and a toddler both looking at the camera.

Side note: A few weekends ago when we went to a wedding, I went to the bathroom and there was this group of 14 year old girls taking pictures so I offered to take one of them. I thought I'd share my newfound life changing realization and asked them if they knew holding down the capture button took a ton of pictures. They all looked at me like the old lady I am...and acted like DUH. So then I realized I'm old. But later Joey saw me scrolling through my instagram profile and he said he never knew you could scroll. So at least I'm cooler than him. 

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  1. omg! I didn't know 2 out of 3 of those! Thanks!
    And Joey… LOL.