Joey has literally been begging me to watch The Walking Dead with him and I kept saying no.  Finally I told him I would watch the first three episodes and see if I was into it.  He has already seen it, so I'm just catching up.  Well we watched the entire first season in two days...its only 6 episodes so that isn't really that big of a deal.  
I do like the show...but it is so stressful that I am on edge the entire time and don't even realize I've been holding my breath until I exhale.
I really like to just zone out with some Real Housewives at the end of the day, but I guess I'll keep watching.  
However, binge watching a show like this is not good for my blood pressure/anxiety/dreams.  Every time I woke up with Major last night I was scared to get out of bed and kept thinking there was a "walker" in the hallway :(

We just started season 2!  Have to catch up by October!

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  1. Hello pretty mother! I'm a twd fan. I'm looking forward to see the 5th season. I alse used to be scared of the walkers, but now they're like normal people to me. No nightmares anymore ;)