Starting solids with Major

We started rice cereal with Major once he turned 6 months old.  I waited for about a week for his belly to get used to digesting something new, then we started solids!  His first food was green beans.
I made a lot of Shepherd's baby food and plan to do the same for Major.  I do buy it too, for if he is going to be eating somewhere other than home, and I also buy the stuff I don't know how to make.
But green beans were easy!  Just steamed them on the stove then pureed them in the blender, adding breastmilk until it had the right consistency.  I froze what he didn't eat in ice cube trays, then once frozen, transferred to a plastic baggie, so I can take out how much I need.

I love his sweet little spoon with his name on it.  That was a gift from Nana.

"What is this stuff, Mom?"

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