This little boy loves his mommy so much...

That he decided to wake up Every.Single.Hour last night, oh and the night before that, and the night before that! And before that I've blocked out.  Monday night at 3 am I just started crying right along with him.  We tried moving him into his crib to see if that helped, but I moved him back into our room when I realized I was getting out of bed even more to just find his paci.
I wasn't expecting this, since Shepherd was about 14 months old before he got a tooth, but I'm hoping this is teething and will be over soon.  I need sleep!!

To balance out his brother, this guy has started sleeping until about 9am, then he likes to lay in bed and just talk to himself.  This morning he didn't get moving until about 10!  
(I love his crazy bed head hair!)

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  1. oh my! that first picture is SO precious! what a beautiful moment you captured!