Goodbye summer

Goodbye summer! We are ready for crisp mornings, chunky sweaters, warm socks, colorful leaves, crockpot soup, scarves and boots and leggings, and pumpkin everything!

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7 months with Major

Considering Major just turned 8 months old, I figured I'd dust off the ol blog and post his 7 month update.

This was a really fun month in a lot of ways, and a really awful month in terms of sleep deprivation driving me off the deep end.  First the good stuff.  Once Major mastered sitting up on his own, without tumbling over, it was a game changer around here!  He could really entertain himself and took more of an interest in his toys, and Shepherd payed more attention to him, which he loves!
He started solids this month.  His first food was green beans, and he loves to eat!  He gained a whole pound in 3 weeks!
This child loves to bounce and we got him a bouncy seat handed down from his big cousin.  The first morning we had it he sat in it for 2 solid hours and bounced to his little hearts content.

^^ This is in my top 10 favorite pictures.  Maybe even top 5.  His face! ^^

^^ Again with the face.  This boy is in love with his mommy. ^^
^^ Face plant. ^^

^^ I posted this on Instagram (@jessicalawhorn) and captioned it "Good thing he's cute, since he DOES NOT SLEEP."

OK, so I need to document how CRAZY this child drove me this month.  It was one of the hardest months of my entire life.
He LITERALLY woke up about every 45 minutes, ALL NIGHT LONG.  Every.single.night. Some nights there would be longer stretches, but never more than 2 hours before he'd be up again.
Shepherd did the same thing to me around this age, but I don't think it was this bad.
At one point, I started to think, am I crazy?  Am I making this up that he is waking up this often??
So I decided to take a screen shot of my phone every time he woke up to record the times.
Here you go:
9:13, 10:40, 12:59, 2:36, 3:34, 5:23, 6:32
So, then I decide to take him to the doctor.  I know.  I was slightly embarrassed.  Coming in, like "oh my baby doesn't sleep."  I'm sure they were like, "DUH.  Babies don't sleep."  But I guess someone has to keep the doctors in business.  But I started worrying that he had an ear ache or something and I was going to make him lose his hearing by not realizing it.
Well, of course he was perfectly healthy.
Anyway, so also I was still swaddling him and I explained to the doctor that that was the only way he would fall asleep, but then he would wake up within the hour.  She said maybe it was a cycle where he couldn't fall asleep on his own without the swaddle, but it was making him hot and waking him up.  My doctor said I could just let him cry.  Which I have lots of thoughts on, but I am surprisingly not against crying it out.  You would think I would be, right?! I would explain my thoughts but I'm too tired.
That night I put him in his crib for the first time without being swaddled, and he cried for about 20 minutes.  Within those 20 minutes Joey and I each kept going in to check on him and soothe him.  After 20 minutes he fell asleep, and that little stinker slept ALL NIGHT LONG.
If I had known that a month ago!!
^^^ This is my favorite age, solely because of their perfect posture. Also you can sit them down and know they aren't going anywhere.  ^^^
^^ You have no idea how happy this makes me!!! ^^
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