8 months with Major

So thrilled to say that Major is finally sleeping through the night.  After the month before, oh my gosh what a relief.
This child.   He has been the most easy going little guy.  But.  Now that he is mobile, he is still easy going, but oh my gosh he is BUSY.  I thought Shepherd was busy, but I think Major has him beat.  He reaches for everything, he is always moving.  He sits on his bottom and bounces up and down so hard I think he is going to just stand right up.
He started crawling and its the sweetest little dragging himself around the floor.  I know it won't be long before he's up on all fours, so I love this time.
It is so sweet how excited he is to see me.  When I go in his room in the morning he starts wiggling his whole body in excitement.  If Joey goes in to get him first, when he sees me he practically throws himself at me.
He is so funny with Joey.  He talks so much to him, way more than to me.  They do this little yell thing back and forth and Major thinks its so funny.
Major loves his big brother, too.  He gets so excited when Shepherd pays attention to him and just laughs and laughs.
His first word was Mama, he's started saying it this month.  Mainly just when he is upset.
He is in size 4 diapers, which he has really fit in since about 6 months...I just had so many size 3's that I made him use them all up.  So him and Shepherd are in the same size diapers :)

Some of my favorite photos from the past month:


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