Everyday 2014 // 10.20

October 20th:
We went over to play with Tressie and Mills.  This picture was taken before Shepherd locked himself in Mills' bedroom by himself and Tressie and I spent about half an hour panicking trying to figure out how to get him out.  We ended up calling my go-to handy man, and I cried to him on the phone. Luckily before he made it to her house I got the door open.  Later that night Tressie called me to say Mike went through every tool in their house and found the key ;)

October 21:
Joey had to work late so I put both of the boys to bed.  Shepherd is in a stage right now where he wants you to hold his hand while he falls asleep.  So when I was putting him to bed, I'm sitting on the floor in the dark with my arm inside the crib, holding his hand.  Then I realized my arm was STUCK.  Like, up to my elbow. Again, my second panic attack in two days over this child!  He is crying thinking I'm not going to hold his hand and I'm just trying to think straight.  I literally ripped my arm out and had a big bruise. Luckily I got it out because it was another 2 hours before Joey got home. 
(This picture is obviously of no relation to my story ;)

October 22:
Joey's work Halloween party. The cutest little elephant I've ever seen!

October 24:
This boy exudes happiness and joy.  Also, this is exactly what I looked like at 2 1/2 years old.

October 25:
My sister in law's Bachelorette party. 


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