9 months with Major

This month we celebrated Major's 1st Halloween.  It was a big month for him.  He got some new skills that made him so much more mobile and he is excited about his new talents!!  Every night in the bathtub, he is a wild man!  He is crawling and flipping and pulling up...no fear, and no relaxing for us!
He does the cutest thing when he cries really hard, usually if he hurts himself, he will cry so hard that he starts laughing!  Almost like he is realizing he's not that hurt and laughing at himself for getting all worked up.
He loves music, Taylor Swift is his fave.  The instant recognition of "Shake It Off" is hilarious.
Whenever he gets excited, like in the morning when he first sees Shepherd, or when Joey gets home from work, he shakes his whole body and kicks his little legs in excitement.
Just like his big brother, he is not a fan of cuddling right now :(  He never wants to just lay on me and rock...I wish he would!

Some of my favorite pictures from this month:


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