election day.

I unintentionally dressed Shepherd and I exactly alike.  Stripes and leggings and brown boots and army green!

All morning I talked to Shepherd about how we were going to vote and he got to help me and when it was over they would give him a sticker!  
We got to my voting place and the line was longer than I've ever seen it.  We ended up waiting about 45 minutes.  I was so proud of Shepherd!  Of both of them!  45 minutes and they were literally perfect angels, and no one was more surprised than me ;)  We passed the time by me quizzing Shepherd on all of the posters hanging on the walls, letters and numbers and colors, etc.

Since they were so well behaved I decided to test my luck and take them out for lunch.  We tried Chick-fil-a, but it was literally a mad house with all of the kids out of school, so we headed to McDonalds.

"Say cheese, Ma"
Side note: He currently is calling me "Ma" and Joey "Dig."  

I just love this little snippet of what our life is like right now...building "trains".  My favorite is the dinosaur and my velcro rollers ;)


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