Everyday 2014 // 10.27

Oct 27th:
The happiest boy I know!

October 28:
On the move!

October 29:
Carving our pumpkin to get ready for Halloween.  Shepherd's exact words were "too yucky for me" before he left the room and wouldn't come back.  Major, however, was all about it!

October 30:
Went on a walk to check out our neighbor, Norma's, house.  Shepherd did not like the big cat, a big change from last year.  He kept saying, "too spooky for me."

October 31:
Happy Halloween!  The cutest elephant in the world! 

November 1:
Halloween party with our friends!  Joey is the terrifying blonde woman behind me.  He went as Sara (with no H!) from the Jimmy Fallon skits.

November 2:
He is obsessed with this worm right now.

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