10 Months with Major

Major hit a lot of milestones this month.  By 10 months old, he was climbing the stairs, cruising all over the house, starting to sign "more" and crawling like a big boy with his belly off the floor as opposed to dragging himself around in an army crawl.  Now that he is really crawling, he loves trying to keep up with Shepherd.  We celebrated his first Halloween this month, and he was the cutest little elephant I've ever seen.  He hated his elephant ears and they were only on as long as it took for me to get these pictures.  Major loves music and as soon as he hears a song his body relaxes and he starts shaking his body and dancing.

Some of my favorite pictures from this past month:

I can't get over his little feet in this picture.

Something I always pushed with Shepherd was that I wanted him to be happy to play on his own.  I would always put him in his crib with a bunch of toys and leave him to play and he was fine with it.  Well I've realized with Major he is not ok doing that!  He freaks out and cries the entire time.  I guess being the second child, he's always with someone and entertained by Shepherd so he doesn't like being alone.  I'm working on this.  I want him to be ok entertaining himself!

No matter where I sit him in the house, he crawls right to the stairs and wants to practice his climbing.  He started climbing right after turning 9 months old.

Major went to his first wedding this month, Aunt Caity and Uncle Josh's!  He loved the music and dancing at the reception!  Here he is clapping with my dad holding him:

His absolute favorite thing to do is play in the dishwasher.  I only let him climb inside this one time because I really wanted to finish cooking dinner ;)

Snow Day!  I told him this was nothing compared to his birth-day :)
Once he gets to the top of the stairs, he turns around and grins and claps for himself :)

It is starting to hit me that he is almost a YEAR old.  How?  I feel like I have a 3 month old upstairs still sleeping in our bedroom, all swaddled up.  I could cry.  

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