Everyday 2014 // 11.24

November 24:
The first year we've ever decorated before Thanksgiving and this happens...
November 25:
Our little cousin Reece came to play. Major was excited for someone his own size!
November 26:
Driving to Owensboro for Thanksgiving and Joey texts me to see how the drive is going. This is my response:
Listening to Taylor Swift over and over and over to keep Shep happy!

November 27:
Thanksgiving Day! Love these two crazy boys! Missing Joey like crazy!

November 28:
The only picture I took all day. Major napping before the drive home.

November 29:
We read the Elf on the Shelf book twice before bedtime.  Shepherd was so excited to wake up and meet his elf for the first time.  We named him Cider.
(And I forgot to take a picture, but we had Cider leave a trail of Shepherd's favorite peppermint candy kisses to his spot on the top of a cabinet!)
November 30:  
We went out to buy Shepherd a little tree for his room and came home with this one thats 6 ft tall.  It was on sale and cheaper than all of the shorter ones, so we went with it.
This day we also went to the arboretum to attempt to get a good picture of the boys together to use for the Christmas card...that didn't happen.  They literally do not ever stop moving.  And every picture I have is either the back or top of their heads.  

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