Meeting Santa 2014

We weren't sure how either of the boys would react to Santa this year.  Shep had a chance encounter with him one day when we were at the bookstore and the Santa there was walking down the hallway.  Shepherd never does this but he clung to me and hid his face in my neck.  I wasn't sure if he was star struck or terrified.
For their official Santa meeting this year, Shepherd walked right up to him and sat on his lap.  Major immediately began to cry, but kept looking at Shep to see how he was handling it and calmed down when he saw Shep was staying with him.  I love having two boys!
After their picture was taken, we were paying and Shepherd walked back over and tried to climb back on his lap.   Then he asked where his Bubble Guppie was, haha.  He was expecting instant gratification  ;)
Anyway, despite their unimpressed faces, they did enjoy Santa this year!



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